December 2009 Newsletter
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Firefighter Life Safety Events
As 2009 winds down and we begin a new year, there is no better time to take a look back to evaluate the past year and look forward to where we can go. The preliminary data for line-of-duty deaths (LODDs) in 2009 shows a reduction in this area. This clearly indicates that all our efforts - associations and individuals - are having a positive impact on preventable LODDs. The magnitude of our challenge requires the involvement of everyone.
Over the past 33 years of my fire service career, I have paid close attention to the number of annual line-of-duty deaths (LODDs) and have always strived to learn the lessons, chain of events, and causes that led to each situation. As a fire service instructor and safety officer, I have educated and trained fellow firefighters about the inherent hazards of our profession with the hope of preventing a LODD in my department and in the greater St. Louis area.
Checklists provide a systematic approach to actions necessary to complete a task. The fire service has long used checklists for daily equipment readiness and service. The use of command checklists has broadened with the Incident Management System and Field Operations Guidebook.
You've just attended this year's Safety Summit, returned home to your fire department and wonder how you can spread the safety messages you have just learned to firefighters and officers in your department. Here's how: participate in the Everyone Goes Home® Advocate Outreach Program.
A Safety Shout Out To: Georgia and Ohio
Great Ideas to Get the Everyone Goes Home Message to Fire Service
Last year, I sent a personalized letter to every fire department in Georgia. I called it the "seat belt blitz." Eighteen departments joined the seat belt blitz with 100 percent participation and signed 2,700 pledges.
On another front, the Courage To Be Safe® curriculum was implemented in the basic firefighter program, in chief officer orientation and as a stand-alone class at the state level. Within my department, it is a stand-alone class and is mandated as part of our acting officer program. We've reached roughly 600 people with the Courage To Be Safe® class in Georgia within the last year.

I have an ongoing relationship with one of the local colleges that gives me a forum to present every few months with an open registration. Within the last year I've been able to put together a team of four advocates that are spread out over the state for coverage and have been able to present at several seminars and regional meetings. I also put on a conference every year and direct where I post a lot of Everyone Goes Home® materials.

There are several other things that the folks in Ga. are doing to spread the word. I look forward to meeting with you at the Safety Summit. If I can be of any assistance, please don't hesitate to contact me.

- Brian Ward, Georgia State Advocate
Gwinnett County Fire & Emergency Services

At Lakeland Community College in Ohio, the Courage to Be Safe® program will be part of the fire science degree program curriculum. It will be taught in segments throughout the year.

The Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation (BWC) is considering implementing the Everyone Goes Home® program as a way for fire departments to reduce BWC costs. Details to follow.

- Deputy Chief Ron Terriaco, Region V Advocate
Concord Twp Fire Department
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